Leverage affiliate links to make more money from your youtube channel


Make more money and save more time on each tutorial you make.
Leverage our AI technology to automatically create lists of products used in your youtube video.
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make money online with your youtube channel and amazon affilaite links

How it works

AI and machine learning is applied to detect what was used in your youtube tutorial
Submit a video and we'll apply state of the art AI to detect what products you used.
share the products you used in your online tutorial
Share the list with your viewers by placing it in your youtube videos description.
save time making lists of affiliate links
Make money whenever a user clicks and buys something from your list
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Custom Lists

Users dont want to know what you recommend in general. They want to know what you actually used in the video.
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What is Makers Part List?
Makers Part List is your partner. We make shoppable lists of products that you used in your content. Allowing viewers to find the parts they need to build their own.
Help viewers help you.
Viewers are already going to buy the materials. Why not let them support you when they do?
Save Time
No more manually creating lists of affiliate links. We automatically do that for you.
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